Happy to see America beaten

Foreign Policy magazine blurts it out, lines up anti-American writers of doom

The world’s worst anti-American tyrants — Russia’s Vladimir Putin, China’s Xi Jinping and Iran’s Ali Khamenei — would be thrilled to read Foreign Policy, the far left, Washington-based, publication that is obsessed with thrashing America, depicting it as an evil global force that has caused the world much agony and misery.

Like Putin, Xi and Khamenei, Foreign Policy detests the concept of American exceptionalism, or more specifically the term “Age of European Enlightenment.” The world’s dictators blame their countries misfortunes, not on their tyranny, but on Western attempts to modernize the rest of the world and make it in its image. In this school of thought, what went wrong in Russia, China, Iran and the rest of the non-democratic world, was not these countries’ inability to catch up, but Western expectations that they do so. Therefore, to rectify the situation, the regimes of Russia, China and Iran want to prevent their countries from endorsing Western concepts — especially democracy — and instead focus on “indigenous authenticity,” whatever that means.

In the minds of Foreign Policy and the West’s Far Left, if the West leaves the rest of the world alone, everyone around the world would live like nature intended things to be, eat organic food, practice Yoga and bike everywhere. The world population will engage in Kamasutra and behave indiscriminately toward gender and race. When American influence vanishes, everyone around the world will start greeting one another saying Namaste.

But this is not reality. This is Hollywood.

The world outside the democratic bloc, where little or none of Foreign Policy’s editors and authors were born or raised, is a dangerous, evil and racist place, where the basic rule “is might is right.”

In the Western Far Left’s thinking, a country like Israel is the most racist, Apartheid, state, whose laws discriminate between its Jewish and non-Jewish citizens. In reality, the Israeli election law is the most fair and equitable on the face of the planet, and is by far more representative than the American law. Just ask any election expert about the difference between Israel’s single district, closed-ticket, proportional election and America’s always gerrymandered and skewed majoritarian election system.

But Foreign Policy and the Far Left are rarely interested in reality. Instead, they use all their writing skills to twist reality and make it fit their imagined idea about how an America-free world will look much better than today. The decolonization crowd — all the Anthony Blinkens, Rob Malleys, Stephen Walts and Peter Beinerts of the world — most of whom grew up as privileged White men, think America looks like them and that the rest of the world is the underdogs non-White crowd. In reality, without America and the order it tried to install after 1945, the world would have been a much worse place. Without America breaking Nazism, crazy maniacs like Hitler would still be burning people of other races today. Without America, Soviet Russia would have disfigured Iran and annexed its oil-rich north (don’t expect the Far Left to tell you that, they’ll focus instead on America toppling wacko Prime Minister Musaddaq).

Foreign Policy magazine lined up five writers to blame America for everything, including for “creating deadly Covid19 failures,” because why blame the state that failed to contain or alert the world to the earliest spread of Covid, blame America for not fixing China’s mistakes.

The five articles contradict one another, but Foreign Policy does not care: All five pieces thrash America, even if the articles contradict one another.

Foreign Policy is angry at America’s expansionism and its attempt to create the world in its image. The magazine thrashes American exceptionalism and intervention. Yet at the same time, the magazine attacks America for abandoning “strategic allies and vulnerable civilians.” It would be impossible for the reader to understand which foreign policy the magazine disagrees with: Is it the concept of spreading US exceptionalism that is wrong? Or is it America’s retreat from the world that ends its exceptional role? It does not matter. The Foreign Policy author who criticizes America for abandoning “vulnerable citizens” also opposed America’s war that saved Iraqi civilians from the tyranny of Saddam Human Beat Hussein.

The silver lining in the foreign policy illiteracy of the Foreign Policy magazine and its writers is that America is too powerful to be beaten by propaganda only, or by war. America’s power is its freedom, which allows for creativity that in turn turbo charges American innovation and economy. Google’s co-creator is Russian but his idea could only fly in America.

Perhaps Foreign Policy should get this: America’s only enemy is within. The enemy is censorship of ideas. As long as America enjoys freedom of expression, worship, business and otherwise, and as long as Americans trust their government to do its job in protecting these inalienable rights, it does not matter what happens in Iran or Afghanistan. After all, America’s defeat in Vietnam dwarfs whatever losses America suffered in both Afghanistan and Iraq. But Vietnam never ended America’s exceptionalism, and neither will Afghanistan or the rise of China. Just ask former President Jimmy Carter what he thinks about his Malaise Speech from 42 years ago.

Sorry Foreign Policy, but as long as America is free and democratic, it will remain a shining city on a hill, will remain exceptional and will remain… America.