Team Biden favors Hezbollah, Hamas

Statements on Slim v Jerusalem show US trusts Lebanese judiciary, not Israeli courts

Body of anti-Hezbollah activist Slim was found dead in February. Biden administration said that she trusted Lebanon’s kangaroo courts would hold assassins responsible.

In February 2021, anti-Hezbollah, Shia-born, Lebanese activist (and dear friend) Lokman Slim was assassinated with five bullets from a silencer. His murder happened in south Lebanon, where the Hezbollah militia (classified as Foreign Terrorist Organization by the US State Department since 1996) dominates. 

In south Lebanon, security and intelligence are in the hands of Hezbollah. The Lebanese Army and the peace-keeping UN Interim Force for Lebanon (UNIFIL) are deployed in the south only with Hezbollah’s permission. When UNIFIL inspectors suspect that Hezbollah arms caches are stored in the south, in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, UN access to such depots are blocked by Hezbollah militants, usually in civilian clothes pretending to be the locals. 

When Slim was killed, Hezbollah media did not do much to hide the party’s involvement in his murder. Hezbollah’s newspapers ran long stories depicting Slim as a spy and agent of America and Israel, thus justifying his murder. That Hezbollah killed Slim was an open secret in Lebanon, but one that the US State Department chose to ignore. 

In his statement commenting on the assassination, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken wrote: “We join the international community in calling for his killers to be brought to swift justice.” He also said: “We urge Lebanese officials, including the judiciary and political leaders, to hold accountable those who commit such barbaric acts without delay or exception.”

Blinken’s statement on Slim’s assassination did not even hint that Hezbollah could have been involved. America could have hinted at the party’s involvement by adding that America calls on the State of Lebanon to implement UN Security Council resolutions 1559 and 1701, which call for disarming and disbanding all militias in Lebanon. Such statement would have drawn a subtle link between Slim’s murder and Hezbollah.

But no. The Biden trio  — Blinken, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Iran Envoy Rob Malley — are so infatuated with the Iran regime and its militias, such as Hezbollah, that they decided to act all professorial and professional on Slim’s murder, and keep Hezbollah out of the statement on Slim’s murder. “Professor” Blinken decided that Washington trusts Lebanon’s banana republic and kangaroo courts, and invited the Lebanese judiciary to unveil the truth.

In May 2021, news of an impending Israeli Supreme Court decision, that might resolve 40 years of litigation and evict Palestinian residents (not owners) of a real estate owned by Jews in East Jerusalem, prompted Sullivan to talk to his Israeli counterpart Meir Ben Shabbat. According to the readout, “Sullivan… reiterated the United States’ serious concerns about the potential evictions of Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.” 

To Sullivan, it does not matter that the eviction might be ordered by the Israeli judiciary. In Jerusalem, Sullivan wants the government to trump the courts, which — it seems — he does not trust.

This article does not take sides with or against Israel’s eviction of Palestinians of Sheikh Jarrah. This article only shows how America has two standards with which it measures its quest for justice. 

With regimes like Iran, whose leaders and militias have so much American blood on their hands, the Biden administration offers talks, removal of sanctions and looks the other way when Iranian militias commit murder.  

With democratic governments like Israel, whose leaders and population support America like no other nation on earth does, the Biden administration doubts the objectivity and professionalism of Israeli courts, ignores the Israeli judiciary, and scolds Israel for infuriating Hamas, another terrorist organization, per the State Department.

Democrats spent the years of Trump administration blaming him for befriending enemies, like Russia and North Korea, and shunning allies, like France and Germany. Now Biden is befriending enemies like Iran and bashing allies like Israel and Saudi Arabia. How Democrats think their administration is fair and ethical is beyond me.