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Oct 25, 2023Β·edited Oct 25, 2023

Palestinians have always wanted a full reset of 1948. If the Arabs had won that war, would anyone be demanding a right of return for Jews? Where is the demand of compensation for Iraqi Jews?

The Arab countries and global left have fixated on Palestinian return, creating the largest single obstacle to peace. Millions of people have been displaced as part of this conflict, but Palestinians are never expected to just move on like everyone else. My dad likes to point out that, typically, the village that a particular Palestinian seeks to "return to" (for the first time in their life) is just a few miles away from where they are currently living.

...and so we continue this silly cycle. Israel needs to grant the Palestinians their rights, it is often claimed. Those "rights" have always included implicit or explicit demands to liquidate Israel as a Jewish state. A huge number of useful idiots conveniently ignore this and have convinced themselves that "the occupation/settlers made me do it", despite the clear history and present, in which Palestinians are still unwilling to drop hostilities with Israel in exchange for their own state, free of settlers or occupation. They have and continue to demand much more. They make a demand that no country anywhere would accept.

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