Jun 4, 2021Liked by Hussain Abdul-Hussain

You are one of a few writers I would consider paying to read. Your frustrating revenue issue is the world's revenue issue now. Habitual yellers and public sociopaths on certain media outlets capture large numbers of eyeballs and can attract a floodgate of advertising revenue, but 99.9% of writers, artists and videographers cannot succeed in this path. P.T. Barnum, America's first millionaire, knew this and he would purposefully march his elephants up and down main street to attract and crowd and generate a buzz wherever his circus was about to decamp. He also knew that spending money on promotion was essential to any business. Have you considered using writing as a loss leader to promote a speaking fee business? Or, join together with other writers you admire to form a donor or member-based revenue generating "think tank"? You deserve to make money for your insights and communications. After founding and running a non-profit for 15 years, I know how tricky it is to expose truths to people who instead want confirmation of their beliefs, and ammunition to prove it against their perceived enemies. I once asked a wealthy donor who did not yet support my nonprofit whether she would prefer to support efforts that have been proven to work, or to support efforts that "felt good" despite being ineffective. I showed her evidence. She replied that she wanted efforts that felt good - to work.

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