Salam Hussain, absolutely love your articles, have learned alot. If possible would you consider writing about the rise of Khomeinism in Iran. Where did the guy come from? How did he manage to win Iranians over? What do you forsee happening if Khamenei is removed?

Thanks so much!


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Dear Hussein,

What do you think of my proposal to boykott Qatar as West did with Russia ?


Stéphane Zagdanski, French writer


1/ Issue an international warrant against all criminal leaders of Hamas, including Ismaïl Haniyeh, Khaled Mechaal, Taher An-Nunu... who are currently in refuge in Doha, Qatar.

2/ Demand that the despotic regime in Doha extradite the Hamas leaders protected by Qatar to the International Criminal Court.

3/ Internationally boycott Qatar until Emir Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani extradites the criminal leaders of Hamas and hands them over to an International Justice Commission.

4/ If Qatar does not comply, apply the same radical boycott measures as were taken against Russia after the invasion of Ukraine:

5/ Prohibit the broadcasting of Al Jazeera wherever possible (similar to the restrictions on Russia Today in Europe).

6/ Seize all Qatari assets abroad (yachts, villas, jets, etc.) and freeze all Qatari bank accounts worldwide, including those in tax havens.

7/ Prohibit the Paris Saint-Germain football club, which is owned by Qatar, from participating in games and sporting events.

8/ Cease all financial and commercial transactions with Qatar, halt all cultural exchanges, purchases of raw materials, and arms trafficking until the war criminals of Hamas are delivered.

The innocent civilians in Gaza rely on the West to end their suffering.


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