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Interesting timing, Sir, just today the White House asked the world's Gas Station to pump more gas.

"just couldn't understand why we work so reliantly on an association with the Gulf states, given how many ways they were undermining [US] interests."

That's rich coming from an American politician. They throw us under the bus every chance they get, undermine our national security, extort us with various legal bills like Jasta, Nopec & whatnot. Just this past Thursday the State Department sided with Saad Aljabry to protect his theiving treacherous behind.

"If the US decides to pack up and leave, and to stop selling arms to GCC countries, then China will be thrilled to step up and replace America as the biggest supplier of military hardware to these countries."

Chinese Weaponry are already in service in the Saudi Military. The Strategic Missile Force military branch co-developed its missiles with China. Chinese drones & small arms proved their effectiveness in the Saudi Military.

The clock is ticking for the Tornado & the RSAF will retire it soon, I won't be surprised if the J20 becomes its successor. The joint Korean Indonesian KF-21 is still in early stages, Japan is barred from exporting military technology so no F-X & I don't have much confidence in the British Tempest program.

Then there's the matter of Nuclear technology, both China & Russia (& Francr) are offering unconditional support while American politicians insist on Section 123 while at the same time Mullah Malley bends over to the Iranians (please pardon my vulgarity).

"For reasons that remain unclear, Senator Murphy cannot stand Saudi Arabia."

He is not the only one, this is common thing in the political left. They just stopped hiding their contempt after Obama & Trump came into the picture.

"Murphy confidently said that Saudi Arabia and GCC have nowhere else to go. Murphy seems to think that GCC are a bunch of desperate failures, and that America totally owns them"

Murphy's line of thinking is neither new nor unique, most American politicians are detached from reality & still live in the 1940s where the rest of the world is in ruins and they're the only game in town.

They want to recalibrate our "relationship" & realign with the Iranian regime. Personally, I say let them go for it, some lessons are learned the hard way. The party of human rights & "moral high grounds" will soon discover that bribing corrupt extremest ideology with Boeings, iPhones, Teslas & McDonald's won't work. And the party of energy & "economy" will find out that the Iranian regime doesn't have the capacity, technology or resources to regulate the Oil market nor prop the Petrodollar. Either way, they'll choose the Iranian regime & the Iranian people will resent them for throwing yet another a life line to the dying regime. Gulf Money will flow somewhere else and the "US foreign policy that works for the middle class" will be crash and burn.

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